Fun Run

The Fun Run program will be rescheduled upon our return to school. Please disregard the dates listed and stay tuned for more information to follow.

The program kicks off with a Pep Rally on Monday, March 23rd and runs for a two week period when students will gather pledges for every lap they run (expect 30-35 laps). All students regardless of pledges are invited to participate and run with their class on Friday, April 3rd. Registration packets will come home with your child on March 23. Get a head start and register your student today at using 865-577.

This year’s goal is $85,000 and the funds raised will be used to purchase NEW iPADS for our students with the goal of equipping each student with an iPad in a 2:1 ratio (we are currently at a 3 or 4:1 ratio depending on grade level). iPads are a multipurpose learning tool that appeals to all types of learners and will allow for customized learning opportunities for our students, as well as enhanced collaboration activities to prepare them for the future. Let’s face it, technology is moving faster than ever before and Roberts doesn’t want to be left behind!

Last year’s funds were used for Curriculum Enrichment with fun programs like Writers in the Schools and Young Audiences, as well as the professional development of our teachers and in 2018, we were able to upgrade the technology in the classrooms with CleverTouch boards allowing for a more collaborative learning space offering immersive learning through intelligent digital classroom environments.

As with any of our events, volunteer participation is critical to the success of Fun Run! Check out the Signup Sheet to see how you can help out!

The Fun Run kicks off with a Pep Rally to get children excited and explains the program. That day, your child will come home with a pledge book, sending you to a website with more details and to register your student at using 865-577.

Once registered, sponsors can pledge money based on how many laps your child runs or just give a flat donation. Your child can also send video emails (which are super easy to create) across the world asking friends and family to sponsor them. This is a great way to extend our reach well beyond our parent community and for family and friends to show their support for your children. It also helps your children learn some important lessons about teamwork and contributing to their school and community.

On Fun Run day, the entire school will participate in the Fun Run. Each child is encouraged to run as many laps as possible, expect 30-35 laps, with each lap raising money for the school. All parents, grandparents, and friends are welcome to come to watch and cheer on the students! Though remember, you must be VIPS approved!

The Fun Run accounts for a significant portion of our PTO’s operating budget, so, let’s make this year’s Fun Run a giant success by helping our children identify who they will contact to start raising money for their school. Think family, friends, neighbors, co-workers!
This is not about you giving more or again, but about extending the reach beyond our parent community and providing our children the opportunity to raise money for their school.

We do NOT pay Boosterthon 40+% of the funds we raise! We are on a sliding scale (5-20%), which means the more we raise the more we keep. Last year we kept over 86% of the funds raised and I believe this year we can do even better!

Please contact this year’s Fun Run Committee Chair, Marisa Botros at [email protected].

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