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Welcome to the Roberts International Garden!

All students at Roberts are given an opportunity to plant and harvest 2 vegetables/herbs in their very own class plot during the school year with the aid of the PTO International Garden Committee and your classroom Garden Liaison(s).  3rd-5th grade will plant is Fall 2017; K-2nd grade will plant in Spring 2018.  

All grade levels are encouraged to use the International Garden throughout the year as it fits with their IB units.

Where is the garden?  The International Garden is located on the east side of campus, between the teachers’ parking lots.  The garden is comprised of 18 raised vegetable beds, several fruit trees (e.g. blackberries, figs, grapes, Meyer lemons, tangerine, satsuma,and pomegranate) and numerous plants that attract pollinators (e.g. butterflies, bees and hummingbirds) and act as host plants for butterflies (e.g. milkweed for monarch butterflies).  Many of the plants are labeled and have some basic information about the plant.

What is the role of the Classroom Garden Liaison? In short, the Garden Liaison(s) will lead your classroom during a ~20-30 min seed and/or plant planting session at the beginning of the semester and again during a harvest session at the end of the semester or early after winter break (Fall planters). The Garden Liaison will work closely with the International Garden Committee – All instructions, seeds, tools (and weeding) will be provided. Additionally, a couple of “hands-on demonstrations” will be offered to the Liaisons wishing to have a garden tour and seed planting overview.  A Garden Liaison need not be an avid gardner!!!  

Once your teacher has selected a 2-week planting window, the Garden Liaison and teacher should coordinate a mutually convenient date/time to plant your seeds and/or seedlings.

The two planting windows for Fall 2017 are October 2-13 and October 16-27.  Below is the planting schedule as of 10/12/2017.


Please Download/Print the Planting Instructions Needed for Your Class (note, instructions also contain a link to more online information:

ARUGULA Rocket Salad (PDF)
BEETS Chioggia (PDF)
BEETS Early Wonder (PDF)
BUSH BEANS Tendergreen & Contender (PDF)
CARROTS Little Finger (PDF)
DAIKON RADISH Miyashige White (PDF)
KALE Blue Dwarf Curled (PDF)
ONIONS, Multiplying Planting Guide (PDF)
SPINACH Monstruex de Viroflay (PDF)
SWISS CHARD Ruby Red/Rhubarb (PDF)
TURNIP Purple Top White Globe (PDF)

Suggestions for how to keep the class engaged during your planting session:

Suggestions for how to keep your class interested (PDF)

Gardening Links:
The Secrets of Companion Gardening

Fall Garden Plot Maps – i.e. Where is my class plot located?
All plots are numbered and labeled with your teacher’s name and the two items the class is growing.

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