Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony: May 26-27

Although we are unable to hold a traditional promotion ceremony for our students, we could not let our 5th grade students leave without celebrating their time with us at Roberts!  So, we have planned what we hope will be a memorable farewell.

On Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00pm we will host the premiere of the Fifth Grade Video.  The video will be shown via TEAMS.  We will provide a link next week to all 5thgrade parents.  The link can be shared with family members; grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.  The next day, Thursday, May 28 at 9:00 we will have a drive-thru promotion celebration where we will announce the name of each 5th grade student and provide them with a Roberts commemorative goody bag!

HISD has implemented strict policies for social distancing and the use of PPE to keep staff members and our community safe.  Therefore, the outlined procedures listed below must be followed without exception.

  • The celebration will take place via the carpool line in the circle drive on Swift street.  For the safety of everyone, all parents must access the carpool line in a car.  No walk-ups are allowed.
  • On the passenger side dashboard, post a large visible paper with your child’s first name, last name and teacher name printed legibly.
  • Follow the directions of the staff in the carpool line directing you to the designated space to receive items.
  • We are asking that the 5th grade student sit on the passenger side of the car in either the front or back seat.
  • We will give one bag to the fifth grader and place items from the classroom and lockers in the trunk of the car.
  • During this time, parents are also expected to return any items that belong to teachers or the school such as library books, book bags or other items.
  • If you are returning items, make sure you place them in a sealed bag with your child’s name and teacher clearly marked and place in the trunk of your car.
  • Remain in your vehicle.  We will place and retrieve items from your trunk.  DO NOT get out of your car for any reason including to open your trunk or to adjust items in your trunk.  Please ensure that there is adequate space in your trunk prior to arriving to the school.
  • Once your child has received items and the designated staff has retrieved and/or placed items in your trunk, we are going to ask that you exit the carpool line.  Remember we have over 110 fifth graders to announce!

We are looking forward to celebrating with our 5th graders.  While we want this to be a fun occasion, safety is our number one priority.  Please make sure you review these guidelines and follow explicitly for your safety and the safety of our faculty and staff members.

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