PADRES (Promoting Active Dads at Roberts Elementary School)


The Padres is an active Dad’s club that has sponsored several annual events for the Roberts community since 2010. The Campout is a hugely popular annual event and has hosted over 500 parents and kids for dinner, a movie and camping under the stars on the Roberts grounds. In the summer before school starts the Padres break out the tools and spent a day fixing, building and repairing things around the school and in the classrooms for the new year.  And as a reward for all the hard work there are a few social events worked in including an annual visit to Saint Arnold brewery.



The PADRES  completed two much appreciated renovation projects including the teachers’ lounge (summer 2017) and science lab (Winter Break 2016-2017), compliments of some very generous and dedicated parents. Many thanks to everyone whose financial contributions and sweat equity made this project possible!


If you are interested in joining the Padres you can sign up for the email distribution by completing the form below.  Questions?  Contact Ron Oran at [email protected].

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Science Room Renovation Project (Jan 2017)











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