The Roberts Elementary campus is more than a playground – it’s a SPARK park – which means the gates are open most daylight, non-school hours to be a neighborhood park. So whether your children are playing there during school hours, or you have a birthday party there on the weekend – all our students enjoy the green space.

The Roberts Elementary playground is open to our community during non-school hours, and when no school events are taking place. We welcome you to enjoy this playground, being mindful of the rules set in place to keep our grounds safe and clean.

Roberts Field & Park Hours:

SCHOOL DAYS – 5:45 p.m. until dusk
WEEKENDS – Dawn to dusk, unless closed for school event SUMMER – Dawn to dusk[/important]

  The Spark Park may be used for standard recreation purposes only, and may not be used for fundraising or commercial events.

   Electricity and water, except for drinking fountains, are reserved for the sole use of the school and may not be used by Spark Park visitors.

  Picnic areas are first come, first served, and cannot be reserved. Birthday parties are welcome. Petting zoos, pony rides, and other animal exhibits are prohibited.

  Glass bottles and containers, alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited on HISD property, including this Spark Park.

  Trash should be placed in receptacles.

  Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited.

  Dogs may not be on school grounds during school hours or during school events. Dogs visiting our Spark Park during non-school hours must be on a leash, in accordance with city leash laws, at all times, and should never be near children’s play structures.

  Pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets, taking all waste with them.

Be advised, this school campus, including the playground, is the property of the Houston Independent School District. School and District officials may set guidelines for use of this property and have the right to change those guidelines. Visitors may be asked to leave school grounds at any time.

Check the school calendar for events that may require closure of the Spark Park. In case of emergency please call 911 or HISD Police at 713-892-7777.

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