Box Tops

The Box Tops for Education program is an easy way to raise money for Roberts Elementary while grocery shopping. There are three easy steps:

1. Find the Box Tops on 100s of the products you buy, like cereal, crackers, Ziploc bags, etc.

2. Clip out the Box Tops (not a bad scissor challenge for your kids).

3. Save and send them in to school on one of the two annual Box Tops collection days (Fall Campaign is Oct 11. – Oct. 27.). You can send them on a Box Tops themed collection sheet sent home in the Tuesday Folder, or in a zip top bag or an envelope. However you send them, please include your teacher’s name.

Each Box top is worth ten cents, and they can really add up. Last year we raised more than $1,600 through Box Tops which was used to enrich your children’s educational experience.  To see which products have a Box Top, download a coupon or receive recipes which include Box Top related ingredients, visit Also, you can “like” Box Tops on Facebook for updates.

The first Box Top collection period of the year is Oct. 11-Oct. 27.  Keep on clipping all year long as we will have another collection in the Spring (date TBA).

Questions? Contact Vanessa Engel or Maureen Glancy at [email protected]

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